2013年1月25日 星期五

紅龍金龍補色專用寬譜紅光LED水族燈(Super Red Aquatic LED Light for Arowana)

馬來西亞客人委託製作, 繼譜藍A(380~460nm)後,
特製版寬譜紅光(585~665nm) - 野火紅(Wild Fire Red)
Ultra Wide Band Fire Reds (585nm-590nm-620nm-630nm-655-660nm),
VITALUX - Taiwan Origin

2014 news: triple blues model
Our Arowana product is a unique, submersible, T8 LED fitting. The UV transmissive lens material allows UV radiation from an VITALUX Arowana lamp to pass through the clear portion the tube. When used with the Arowana lamp this replicates the natural exposure of the fish to the UVA or UVB in daylight.[/size]It also allows fish to develop a richer colour than they would under normal artificial lighting.